Friday, July 1

July Release Teaser Time Day 1

Happy first of the month!  Typically for UK summertime, it's wet and grey outside and being a typical Brit...I'm making small talk about the weather ;) haha!

I know I say this most months but it's particularly true of this month, I am nowhere near ready for this release!  It's the children's last day at school today before the summer break and the past week has been absolutely manic!  I apologise in advance for how dire my upcoming blog posts and cards (if I make any lol) are going to be but I am confident the Design Team will pick up the slack, as they always do ;)

Unbelievably, I have managed to secure two absolute superstars to guest design for us this least I think I have, I'm still not convinced it wasn't a dream!  Joining us in July is...wait for it...Laura Bassen and Kay Miller!!!!  Of course, if it was just in my imagination that these legends said yes, then I will be very red faced in the days to come haha!

Now onto the first little peeks at our upcoming new products, which in my true impatient form I have already shared on Facebook and Instagram lol...

Best Friends A6 stamp set:

Cheering For You A6 stamp set:

Colour Chameleon A6 stamp set:

Happy Hugs A6 stamp set:

Sweet Little Family mini A7 stamp set:

Teeny Tiny Treats mini A7 stamp set:

Tickle My Fancy A6 stamp set:

Trouble In A Tutu A6 stamp set:

Wish me luck while I try and get some cards completed, photographed and scheduled for tomorrow...we have the children's all day school sports day on Saturday so there will be no time to do anything then - eeeeeeeek!!!!  Have a fabulous Friday and I hope to be back tomorrow, fingers crossed ;) lol xx


sheila said...

so cute are the teasers crafting hugs xxx

Craftychris said...

Such cute teasers! I hope the sports day goes well and everyone has fun! xxx

Judith said...

Summer break, enjoy! I hope the weather will improve also here in The Netherlands, it's raining and it's cloudy... Two more weeks and our kids can celebrate their summerbrake as well.

I am looking forward to see what you and your amazing design team will share with us (-:

Happy Friday!

Ruth said...

I am so after the chameleon - can't stop singing Culture Club. Xx

José said...

I saw some beautiful cards on your FB page, they are just adorable, so cute!

Keren Baker said...

That is EXACTLY what went through my head when I saw the stamp set!

KT Fit Kitty said...

I see cuteness!

Ruby N said...

Ohhhh fabulous guest designers!!!!! I am so excited for this release. it looks adorable (as usual, go, Jenny!!)

Pam said...

Can't wait!

Lindsey said...

I see a whole lotta cute here! The! And Laura and Kay are two of my absolute faves!!! I'm so excited for this release!

Maureen Reiss said...

I'm Dying here!! Too Much CUTENESS!!!

Mary-Anne V said...

Exciting to see the teasers and hear about your guest designers.