Monday, August 1

August Release Countdown Teasers Day 1

It's July 10th as I'm typing this, frantically trying to get everything in place before I leave for my holiday.  If everything is working correctly, happy August 1st haha!

Hopefully, you've dropped by to see our teasers for this month, if not, please take a look while you're here anyway...

Be Lucky

Bird Bath

Deer To me

English Rose

Good To Be Bad

Hip Hip Hooray

Message Me


The wonderful and gorgeous Jen Nelson is guesting, I've missed having Jen as a regular, but she's a high flying jet setter these days so I'm grateful she's managed to find some time for us.  Also joining us is the utterly delightful Rubeena, who was amazing the last time and no doubt will be amazing again.

Thank you for looking :)

Stephanie xx