Monday, September 1

September Release Teaser Time Day 1 there anyone out there?!  It's been such a long time since I last posted, I doubt anyone visits here anymore lol  I'm feeling a little bit sad today because the children return to school tomorrow and I'm dreading how quiet the house is going to be :(

Fortunately the September release is imminent which should hopefully take my mind off missing the children!  There are six new stamp sets with five coordinating die collections and two standalone die collections being released on Friday 5th September at 10pm BST (UK time) and here's a small taste of what's coming up...

Blast Off II:
Christmas Sparkle:
Eastern Delights:
Halloween Spirit:
Sew Special:
Woodland Pals:
Typically, I have left back to school preparations to the last minute and therefore I have even more on my hands than usual so please wish me luck! lol

Happy Monday and I hope you have a fantastic week :) x

Edit: Judith - In the interest of fairness, I will honour all recent sale prices on orders placed on the 5th and 6th of September :)

Edit: Judy - I'm super happy you like the stamps we designed for Simon Says Stamp - they are exclusive to Simon Says Stamp - thanks for asking! :) x


Pollypurplehorse said...

Excitedly looking forward to seeing your new releases :) My son also returns to school tomorrow, doesn't seem like the holidays were very long at all.

Susan said...

I'm here ;0) and rest assured you've been missed.
I am also dreading tomorrow when my two return to school.....thought I was alone enjoying them being at home.
Looking forward to seeing your's and the DT's creations xxx

tpmanuhouse said...

Hi Stephanie lovely to have you back!

The peek at the new stamp and die sets has already got me excited - but guess I'll have to restrain myself until Friday :-)

Sounds like you have had a fun summer!

Jean x

Pia Krogh Larsen said...

Oh, the sew special and the eastern delights looks very promising.

Machin Stamps said...

What on earth do you mean? Been waiting for you to spring into stamping action again, of course we're here.
Release is looking good!

Marion x

Debbie said...

Oh I can't wait to see your new release.Of course we still visit here - we love your work and designs.I'm sure you'll have the children all sorted ready for tomorrow.Its amazing how you all will fall back into a routine.Hugs Debbie x

Susie Sugar said...

Good luck getting your babes back to school, I'm sure you will miss them like crazy but they'll be home come 4pm ish and you'll forget they were ever gone ;) he he
Love the new teasers and look forward to seeing more and the lovely examples as the week goes on
Hugs Susie xx

Judith said...

Dear Stephanie,
I was waiting for this (-: Of course we are still here. I do not want missing anything. So I am very exited about the new release.
I saw the clearance sale has been started. Is it possible to reserve some stamps and dies till the new release is online? I would like to order altogether at the end of teasertime.

Thank you so much,

scrappyjacky said...

Looking forward to the new releases.

Craftyfield said...

Looks like a diverse range of themes! Can't wait to see more.

Selene said...

Already waiting ;)

Cindy Lovell said...

I think i know by now,i'll be needing the Woodland Pals! :) Can't wait to see the rest!!
Have a wonderful day,

cm said...

My excitement at the sneak peeks has me on 'alert,' so I can only imagine what the showcases and full reveal will do! Yes, the house will seem empty, but they'll be home, bubbly with school news and updates before you know it! The time will fly...and what a sweet mom you are in sharing that you'll miss your kids!!

Jane said...

Ooooooooo love the wee toadstool!

Craftilicious said...

Right, I will not get distracted this month and try the site after midnight to find out everything sold out.... Fingers at the ready :-D

Victoria said...

oooh these look exciting - I'm shopping around now I'm not an SU demo any more, look forward to trying some of your lovely stash, will have to get myself an order in!

My boys go back Wednesday, whilst I'm looking forward to getting the house back to normal I'm going to miss them to bits too


Anja Curvers said...

Oke it's looking great already and I know how you feel but hey you'll have more time to be creative haven't you and before you know they willbe back at home.

Monique said...

Yesssssss your back;-)
I can't wait and looking forward for the new release.

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Are you kidding Stephanie! I have certainly been here checking daily for the release!!!! Now I'm even more excited and Friday can't come quick enough! Sarah xx

The Crafty Den said...

Welcome back Stephanie, I hope you and your family had a wonderful summer. I've been waiting patiently for you to come back and share your teases. I can't wait til Friday *squeal* x x

Judy said...

Hi Stephanie! I've just seen your fantastic designs for Simon says Stamp....what a lovely collection of stamps and dies you've done for them. I was wondering whether you'll be permitted to sell them from your shop, or whether they are only available from SSStamp directly?
Looking forward to your new clearly besotted releases too. Of course I will really NEED them all, every single one lol! It would be cruel to leave them sitting on your shelves! Hurry up release day xx

Maxine Baker said...

Hi Stephanie,
I am still here!
I'm really looking forward to the new release, particularly the woodland one. Very exciting.

I hope you have got all the 'going back to school' jobs now.
It must be awful having the kids going back; my mum used to hate it too.
I'm not looking forward to going back to work either (in a nursery school).
Although I love the kids, I DO NOT love all the paperwork and grieve that goes with it, Grrr!!!

Maxine xx

Sue said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see all the in full and all the wonderful DT creations.
Sue xx

Jessica Strider said...

Some great teaser images and titles. Can't wait to see what's coming. :D

Chitra Nair said...

Want to see the full reveal of woodland pals and blast off...

Karen B said...

You really should have more faith in us CB-ettes Steph........We're always ready and waiting on your posts! Looks like another exciting release.......roll on Friday; by which time your two will be back for the weekend.


Karen xxx

Lindsey said...

Super loving the variety of this release. It looks fantastic! I'm hoping this week isn't as hard as you expect. It warms my heart to know you love your children so much that you dread having them go back to school.

Louise said...

Good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing September's release

Angelique Vela said...

I'm so impatient! I want to see the September release, Already! I think i wa going into withdrawal! LOL!

loulou said...

Looking forward to the new release.